Frequently Asked Questions

When is it time to consider moving into a "skilled nursing facility"?

Here are some good indicators your senior adult is ready for long term care:

  • Cannot use telephone
  • Unable to shop without assistance or even shop at all
  • Need meals prepared and served, or, cannot maintain an adequate diet
  • Cannot participate in housekeeping activities
  • Needs laundry done by others
  • Is incapable of dispensing own medication
  • Is incapable of handling money or making day-to-day purchases

In short, each resident is different and requires different levels of care. Contact Us today if you feel you are struggling to figure out if your loved one needs additional care.

What are the visiting hours?

There are not set visiting hours. We view this facility as the “home” of each resident. We would ask that if visiting on evenings and weekends that noise levels be kept at an appropriate level as they would be in your own home.

Can residents leave with their families? Can residents stay overnight with their families?

Yes, most residents are free to come and go with their family members. We do ask that you sign your loved one in and out at the nurse’s station. Additionally, any resident that is currently receiving Medicare Part A benefits is not allowed to be out of the building overnight due to government regulation, but short day trips are allowed.

How will I take my family member to doctor visits?

Heather Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Care Center provides a transportation service to and from medically necessary appointments. We do ask for a 7 day notice if you or your family member makes the medically necessary appointment(s).

Do I bring my family member's medication upon admission?

No, once your family member is admitted to the facility, the facility will order and reorder all medication that is needed for your stay. We will also send discharged medications home with resident upon discharge.

Is it ever appropriate to take photos in Heather Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Care Center?

Heather Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Care Center is committed to protecting the privacy of residents with respect to photographs, photography by cell phones or other electronic/media devices, videotapes, and/or audio tape recordings. The use of such devices to photograph or record residents is not permitted without the written consent of the resident or the resident’s authorized representative. In addition, the facility’s employees are not required to be in photographs, video and/or audio recordings. Residents and their visitors are not permitted to photograph or record employees without the employee’s consent.